Banner Day

Image courtesy of Flikr user lumaxart

This has been an AWESOME day for me.  I finally got state approval for my National Registry test this morning, and to top it off, I got a call from The Happy Medic and acceptance into the First Responders Network, a blog network of EMS, Fire, and Police peeps.  I have to say this has been one of the most rewarding days I’ve had in a LONG time, and I’ve only been up about 4 hours!

That being said, anyone with sure-fire wins on studying for the NREMT, please let me know what they are in the comments.  I want to pass this thing first time around!


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  1. I call as many people as possible at random in the mornings, so don’t feel special. ;P
    Welcome to the network and good luck on the NR!

  2. Welcome to the FRN blog network. We’re happy to have you. You’re content looks good and I’ll be sure to keep reading. You’ve definitely landed a space on my blogroll. Keep up the good work.

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