About ‘The Pig’

Who is ‘The Pig’?

‘The Pig’ is a full time Law Enforcement Officer in a medium sized city with around 15 years on the job, and a newly certified EMT.  He’s a father, husband, son, etc. who dearly loves his family, would do anything for them, and is fiercely protective of them.  He has a great (albeit twisted) sense of humor and loves to write.

Why is this blog anonymously written?

‘The Pig’ loves his family, and his jobs, and would like to keep them both around.  Therefore, it is necessary to have a bit of anonymity to this blog to protect him from his administration, and his family from everyone else.

Do ‘The Pig’s’ employers know about this blog?

With any luck, no.  You see, they don’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to outside opinions and such.  Therefore, in the interest of job security, he goes with the “Secret Squirrel” routine.

Do the opinions/comments expressed here represent ‘The Pig’s’ employers?

Uhm… No.  Not that they’ll ever admit publicly, anyway.

Are the “war stories” here real?

Yes and no.  All the stories and base facts are real.  Names, places, dates, and other interchangeable information will be modified (or falsified, if you prefer) to protect the identity of ‘The Pig’ and others involved.

Will ‘The Pig’ ever “come out?”

Sorry, not likely.

How do I get in touch with ‘The Pig’?

Carrier pigeon is the most reliable route.  Although smoke signals and a random pack of cigarettes with a note left on them laying around have worked in the past as well.  In all honesty, if you’d like to contact him, leave a comment (make sure you fill out the proper fields) on one of the stories and he’ll contact you.  If you’re really interested in contacting him, you’ll have read this section and know how to go about it 😉

Why does ‘The Pig’ talk about himself in the 3rd person?

He doesn’t.. all the time.  He rarely gets to do it, and since these things are usually written from another’s perspective, it seemed appropriate.  Besides, it’s FUN!


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