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1st World Woes

English: The box of the iPhone 4S.

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So, Mrs. TP got me a brand new shiny iPhone 4S for Christmas. I am eternally greatful that my lovely bride feeds the dragon that is my gadget addiction. That being said, this thing is turning out to be a pain in the turd cutter.

The first one works good, EXCEPT when it’s roaming. No calls in, no calls out, and NO data when it’s not on the home network. Now I can deal with no calls, but this lack of data has GOT to stop. I call the carrier, they do their trouble shooting, and tell me I need a replacement.

So I waddle my happy ass into the store and walk out with another shiny, brand new phone. Life is good. Except, it’s not. Now I have a brand new replacement phone with the EXACT same damn problem. FML!

A call to Apple later, they pawn me off on the carrier again. Two hours on the phone with the carrier, a transfer back to Apple, and a transfer BACK to the carrier, I get told to take it back to the store for a replacement.

Now, me not being a quitter, I have devised a game plan in true TP manner: I shall do at LEAST two phone replacements a day until I get a phone that works, or my carrier and/or Apple file a restraining order. Game on, Piglets!

UPDATE:  Third time was the charm.  No restraining order was issued, and I have a FULLY working phone.  Power to The Pig!