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Helluva week

Image courtsey of Flickr user bottled_void

Wow.  Sorry I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back now.  I had a helluva week that I had to recover from.  I passed my NREMT and got my certification (FINALLY!), not to mention a promotion at work to Detective.  So, in addition to plugging holes and catching babies on the road, I’m now at a (for the most part) desk job at work.  Not much of a pay increase, but the fringe bennies are nice (among them being at home with my family at night)!  Now that I have my office squared away and all my schooling and testing done with, it’s time to get down to some blogging.  With some help from my new friends at FRN, I think this is going to be a great place for us to share ideas, scream WTF!? from time to time (c’mon, you know you do it AT LEAST once a week..), and get a good laugh from our fellow road dawgs.  Thank you all for stopping by and welcoming me!!